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Burgers & Sandwich

All Burgers and Sandwiches are served with your choice of classic fries or salad

Chicken Breast Burger

In a sesame bun topped with bacon, cheese & avocado

Chicken Club Sandwich

Grilled chicken breast in fresh herbs and spices on toasted white with mayo, bacon, fried egg, lettuce and tomato

Classic Beef Burger

Pure 200g ground beef in a sesame bun topped with a choice of bacon, fried egg or cheese.

Grilled Veggie Sandwich

Grilled freshly assorted vegetables with cheesew

Schnitzel Burger

Breaded burger with barbeque sauce with ranch sauce

The Wingman Burger

Beef burger skewed with 2 wings of your choice

Toasted Beef Steak Sandwich

Beef fillet stip, cheddar cheese, mayo spread, tomato and lettuce

Two For Two

One classic beef burger, 5pcs wings, 2 fries and 2 sodas

Veggie Burger

Mixed veggie patty in a sesame bun topped with cheese, avocado,onions and tomatoes.
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From classic to adventurous, you make the call. Our famous wings, traditional or boneless, with styles that go beyond buffalo

10 Boneless and Boned wings in 3 flavours

10 pcs Traditional Wings

15 Boneless and Boned wings in 3 flavours

20 Boneless and Boned wings in 3 flavours

20 pcs Traditional Wings

5 Bone In 'N' 5 Boneless

5 pcs Traditional Wings

Boneless Wings

Chicken Thighs

Party Pack

15 wings, 15 nuggets, 4 tenders, 4 sides, 3 thighs

Veggie Wings

Waffle & Wings

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The More the Merrier

Chicken Thigh Combo

3pcs Thighs, sides, soda
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Its A Wrap

All wraps are served with your choice of classic fries or salad

Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap

Grilled chicken, cos lettuces, shaved parmesan cheese & creamy caesar dressing

Grilled Mediterranean Veggies

Wrap stuffed with seasonal grilled vegetables & with lettuce and tomato.
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Off the grill

BBQ Pork Spared Ribs

Glazed with honey, mustard and bbq sauce served with your choice of starch or green salad

Counrty - Style Beef Short Ribs

Served with your choice of Starch or Salad
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Our Healthy Starters

Chef's Special Salad

Ask your waiter, but trust us it will be nice.

Classic Chicken Caesar Salad

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Delicious Desserts & Milkshakes

Classic Milkshake

Whole milk blended with a choice of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate icecream

Cookies & Icecream Shake

Real Oreo cookies blended with your choice of either vanilla or chocolate icecream.
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Kids Corner

I don't care

cheesy slidey

I don't know

Chicken nuggets and fries

I'm not hungry

2 sausages and chips


Foody fries
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Cheesy Chips

Fries with cheese sauce

Classic French


Fried Green Beans

Garlic Fries

Masala Fries

Onion Rings

Peri Peri Fries

Side Salad

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Veggie Corner

Cauliflower/ Veggie wings

 Brined, coated and handspun on your favourite sauce or dry rub
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